About the designers

We carry dresses from various international designers with styles that are suitable for relaxed destination weddings to formal weddings. Our dresses come in many different styles and fabrics to suit different tastes and body shapes.

Elbeth Gillis was founded in 1997 and has emerged as a preeminent house of bridal couture. With more than 20 years design experience Elbeth, as the head of her eponymous brand, embodies the same virtues that her brides find in their dresses – style, charm, and uncompromising class. 

Watters and Willowby (formerly Love Marley) are two collections produced by American company Watters. The collections are distinctly different, ranging from dresses suitable for destination or more relaxed weddings (Willowby) to more formal weddings (Watters) with a selection of different styles to suit all shapes.

If you want to know more, just get in touch quoting the designer and dress reference.

2018 Elbeth Gillis D8218 Kayla Front
2018 Elbeth Gillis D8218 Kayla Back
2018 Elbeth Gillis D8317 Sarah Front
2018 Elbeth Gillis D8317 Sarah Back
2018 Elbeth Gillis D8818 Pippa Front
2018 Elbeth Gillis D8818 Pippa Back
2018 Elbeth Gillis D8918 Laurel Front
2018 Elbeth Gillis D8918 Laurel Back
2018 Watters Ellen Front
2018 Watters Ellen Back
2018 Watters Faye Front
2018 Watters Faye Back
2018 Watters Hymn Front
2018 Watters Hymn Back
2018 Willowby Hava Front
2018 Willowby Hava Back
2018 Willowby Knox Front
2018 Willowby Knox Back
2018 Willowby Udara Front
2018 Willowby Udara Back
Elbeth Gillis Louise Front
Elbeth Gillis Louise Back
Elbeth Gillis Annabelle Front
Elbeth Gillis Annabelle Back
Elbeth Gillis Viane Front
Elbeth Gillis Viane Back
Elbeth Gillis Rose D1715 Front
Elbeth Gillis Alicia D1915 Front
Willowby: 57110 Front
Willowby: 57110 back
Willowby: 57318 Front
Willowby: 57318 Back
Willowby: 55715
Willowy: 56633
Willowby: 56136
Willowby: 56127
Watters: 1001B Front
Watters: 1001B Back
Watters: 1002B Front
Watters: 1002B Back
Watters: 1012B Front
Watters: 1012B Back
Watters: 8019B 028
Watters: 8021B 004
Watters: 8025B 033
Watters: 8065B
Watters: 8081B 8034B
Watters: 8081B 8069B
Watters: 8090B016
Watters: 8011B 008
Watters: 9010B
Watters: 9013B
Watters: 9088B

Bridesmaids, Eveningwear and Prom

We carry dresses by Watters and Wtoo in a mixture of styles, lengths, fabric and price ranges. Watters are known for being on the leading edge of the design revolution that moved the bridesmaid silhouette from Bo-Peep to beautiful. Our collection of dresses is suitable for proms and evening wear as well, if you are looking for something special for that one-off occasion.