We carry dresses by Watters and Wtoo in a mixture of styles, lengths, fabric and price ranges. Watters are known for being on the leading edge of the design revolution that moved the bridesmaid silhouette from Bo-Peep to beautiful.

Our collection of dresses is suitable for proms and evening wear as well, if you are looking for something special for that one-off occasion.

To see a larger view of any dress, click on the thumbnail and if you want to know more, just get in touch quoting the designer and dress reference.


BM18 Watters BM Abigale Back
BM18 Watters BM Abigale front
BM18 Watters BM Deni Back
BM18 Watters BM Deni Front
BM18 Watters BM Desiree Back
BM18 Watters BM Desiree Front
BM18 Watters BM Elson Back
BM18 Watters BM Elson Front
BM18 Watters BM Fleurette Back
BM18 Watters BM Fleurette Front
Watters-8356i Back
Watters-8356i Front
Watters-8360i Back
Watters-8360i Front
Watters-8541i Back
Watters-8541i Front
Watters-8542i Back
Watters-8542i Front
Watters-8543i Back
Watters-8543i Front
Watters-8546i Back
Watters-8546i Front
Watters-8548i Back
Watters-8548i Front


Wtoo-Maids F16 17209 1378-Back
Wtoo-Maids F16 17209 1322-Front
Wtoo-Maids F16 17208 1268-Back
Wtoo-Maids F16 17208 1149-Front
Wtoo-Maids F16 17201 0338-Back
Wtoo-Maids F16 17201 0326-Front
Wtoo-F15 Maids 952 Front
Wtoo-F15 Maids 952 Back
Wtoo-F15 Maids 907 Front
Wtoo-F15 Maids 907 Back
Wtoo-F15 Maids 905 Front
Wtoo-F15 Maids 905 Back
Wtoo-F15 Maids 903 Front
Wtoo-F15 Maids 903 Back
Wtoo-F15 Maids 901 Front
Wtoo-F15 Maids 901 Back
BM18 WTOO BM 405 Front
BM18 WTOO BM 405 Back
BM18 WTOO BM 403 Front
BM18 WTOO BM 403 Back
BM18 WTOO BM 400 Front
BM18 WTOO BM 400 Back
BM18 WTOO BM 351 Front
BM18 WTOO BM 351 Back
BM18 WTOO BM 307 Front
BM18 WTOO BM 307 Back